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THANK YOU, Dr. AINA and all the nurses at Adams Count Hospital...

Last Monday night my son Charles Abbott went to the ER. He had been sick for about 5 weeks. He was getting weaker by the day. He was having shortness of breath when he barely walked across the floor. And his heart was pounding in his head, causing him to black out. By the time he got to the ER and Dr. Aina saw him, checked his blood he said he felt fine just very weak. They had to give him blood because it was very very low. If he had not went to ER that night he probably wouldn't be here now. So we have been at Christ Hospital since very early Tuesday morning getting blood, platelets and a lot of other meds. He had to have a Bone marrow test and lots of others. Today he has his first Chemo treatment. He has Acute Myeloid Leukemia. THANK YOU, Dr. AINA and all the nurses at Adams Count Hospital Monday night. Thank all of you who donate blood. Because he has had to have a lot of blood and Platelets. Thank You to Christ Hospital, Dr. Jamie Waselenko in oncology and all the other doctors, nurses and everyone else so many here has been helping him every day they never stopped from the time we walked in the door. And most of all THANK GOD!

Rosalie Grooms

February 12, 2020

They were attentive and took great care of my needs.

Dear Administration of ACRMC: I have never had to use an emergency room before, but on Saturday, December 21, 2019 I was transported into the ACRMC ER by the Sardinia Life Squad. Dr. Armstrong, Art Thomas, RN, Kelly from Lab and your radiology staff were so professional and caring. They were attentive and took great care of my needs. I had to be admitted as an Observation patient with Dr. Aina taking care of me, he came right to my bedside and ordered everything necessary for my care. I was transferred the next day to UC due to more testing needed that couldn’t be done at ACRMC. I am now home and feeling much better. The ACRMC nursing staff on the Medical Surgical unit were so nice and provided great care on all shifts while I was a patient there. I do want to praise one nurse for being so professional and thoughtful, her name is Angie, RN who was working day shift both Saturday and Sunday. She is an amazing nurse and your hospital is very fortunate to have her. Your hospital is fortunate to have this great team to care for your patients. I am writing this note to tell everyone thank you for being in Adams County. Our county needs our local hospital. Sincerely, Beverly Mathias

Beverly Mathias

January 7, 2020

I wanted to let you know that all of the staff I came in contact with did an excellent job...

I recently spent 7 days in your facility as a Swing Bed patient. I wanted to let you know that all of the staff I came in contact with did an excellent job. The Med-Surg staff were prompt in responding to my needs, and it is amazing what a difference something as simple as a warm blanket can make to a patient. The therapy staff were supportive and encouraging and a great help in preparing me to care for myself when I went home. Everyone from dietary staff, environmental services, and the chaplains were considerate and did what they could to make my stay a pleasant one. I came to your facility after spending 8 days (2 of which was in ICU) in a large hospital in Cincinnati. During that time I had 2 back surgeries (one was a major surgery). My doctor and I had discussed the need for some inpatient rehab. I told him that if that was necessary I wanted to go to ACRMC. My doctor was not familiar with ACRMC. I assured him the staff were up to it and they did not let me down. Please let the staff know that I appreciate all they did for me. Reta Hamilton

Reta Hamilton

February 25, 2020

-Good Expierence.

Shout out to ACRMC Family Practice in Georgetown. No appointment needed, convenient, professional. Took a little one ther today - good experience.

Cheryl Phillips

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