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Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Department combines education, exercise and support to help patients regain their confidence and stamina after a cardiac event.  The program is designed for patients who have experienced a heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty, stent insertion, valve replacement, heart transplant or experienced stable angina and are at high risk for development of heart problems due to diabetes, hypertension, obesity or arteriosclerosis.

The 3 Phases of Cardiac Rehab

Phase I begins while you are still in the hospital. This phase consists of teaching and instruction. The focus is helping patients with immediate recovery and progression to a low level of activity.

Phase II is completed in the ACRMC Cardiac Rehab department, where the rehabilitation focuses on helping the patient regain independence through exercise and education. Patients are scheduled for three days a week for up to twelve weeks. Patients wear a wireless heart monitor during exercise sessions. Our staff, which includes a cardiac rehabilitation nurse, closely monitors each patient session and progress.  The nurse will work with the patient’s physician and program's medical director to tailor the program to fit each patient’s needs and goals.

Phase III allows continuance of the exercise program in the comfort and security of ACRMC’s Fitness Center. Patient’s no longer need to wear a heart monitor during exercise, but a registered nurse oversees the program. This phase of cardiac rehabilitation offers patients the support needed to effectively transition from the more intense phase of rehab to continuing their fitness goals on their own.  Patients are required to wear a heart monitor during one session, every 3 months. A progress report is then sent to the patient’s physician.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

Our Pulmonary Rehab Program is designed to help patients who have chronic lung problems such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis. We offer education and supervised exercise sessions that are designed to enable patients to be more in control of their respiratory symptoms and improve exercise tolerance. Through a team of health professionals, pulmonary rehab provides patients with information and support to meet the day to day challenges of living with a chronic lung disorder. 

Patients are scheduled three days a week for eight weeks. After completing the eight-week program, a maintenance exercise program (Phase III) is available to allow patients to continue exercise in the comfort and security of the ACRMC fitness center.  

How do I get started?

Patients must have an order from their personal physician to begin the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. If a physician decides that a patient is an appropriate candidate for rehabilitation, medical insurance plan may cover a large percentage of the cost of the program.

When a patient is referred for cardiac rehabilitation, our staff will begin an individualized period of testing and evaluation to design each patient’s personal exercise program.

If you are interested in Cardiac rehabilitation or would like more information, please contact the Adams County Regional Medical Center Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab Department at (937) 386-3311.


Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation 937 386 3311

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