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Cardiac Rehab


Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Department combines education, exercises and helpful support to assist patients in regaining their stamina and confidence after a cardiac event. This revolutionary program is designed for patients who have experienced a heart attack, undergone bypass surgery, angioplasty, stent insertion, valve replacement, heart transplant or experienced stable angina. These patients may be deemed at high risk for the development of heart problems due to diabetes, hypertension, obesity or arteriosclerosis. 

The 3 Phases of Cardiac Rehab

Phase I begins during the patient’s stay in the hospital. This phase focuses on helping patients with immediate recovery and progress toward a low level of activity.

Phase II is completed in the ACRMC Cardiac Rehab department where the rehabilitation focuses on assisting the patient regain their independence through exercise and education. Patients are scheduled for three days a week for up to twelve weeks. Patients wear a wireless heart monitor during exercise sessions and are closely monitored by our staff and a cardiac rehabilitation nurse. The nurse works with the patients’ physician. The program's medical director customizes the program to fit each patient’s unique needs and goals.

Phase III allows the continuance of the exercise program in the comfort and security of ACRMC’s Fitness Center. Patients are no longer required to wear a heart monitor during exercise but a registered nurse continues to oversee the program and progress. Patients are, however, required to wear a heart monitor during one session every 3 months. A progress report is then sent to the patient’s physician. This phase of cardiac rehabilitation offers patients the support needed to effectively transition from the more intense phases of rehab to continuing their fitness goals on their own. 

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